Best Bulletproof Hosting

Best Bulletproof Hosting Service Providers

Ever wondered where people who use mass spam tactics or setup fake service websites come from, and how they can comfortably get away with it? The answer is simple, these people use bulletproof hosting providers.

What is bulletproof hosting?

Bulletproof hosting is a type of hosting provider who gives its customers an exponential amount of freedom when compared to traditional web hosting services. A Bulletproof Hosting Service Provider (BHSP) is very lenient in regards to the content its users can share and the products it can offer through their websites. Bulletproof hosting providers give their customers even more freedom than, say, anonymous and warez hosting services.

As an example, the type of content hosted on bulletproof servers can potentially contain websites dedicated to: Spamming, carding, phishing, online gambling and much more. The server locations these providers use are normally based in China, parts of Asia, Russia, countries bordering Russia, and even some South American regions. Bulletproof hosting can also be a way to get a website setup on the deep web.

But don’t worry, bulletproof hosting isn’t all doom and gloom, and it doesn’t necessarily make an individual using it a criminal who’s taking advantage for nefarious purposes. In fact, there are several positive reasons why you should consider using a bulletproof hosting service provider.

3 Reasons to Choose Bulletproof Hosting

Data Safety

The primary reason those using suspicious or downright illegal content seek out bulletproof hosting services is because no one, in theory, is allowed to look into those servers to see its contents. All bulletproof hosting companies are located overseas, though this wasn’t always the case, and if a government entity or someone else from another country demanded access to those servers, it would become a matter of jurisdiction and following international laws. With this said, if you need bulletproof hosting to work out a prototype or have access to sensitive data that you need to keep under the radar, this is the way to go.

Secure Servers

The fact of the matter is certain individual, corporate and government entities have a special interest in the data that is kept under bulletproof hosting services. This forces the providers to stay on their toes in terms of intrusion prevention, forcing them to become adept at ensuring the security of the data on their servers remains anonymous. This is an advantage for companies who want to ensure their websites are safe from cyber attacks or theft.

Ultimate Freedom of Speech and Expression

We live in an age where every word we speak is micro-analyzed, from the internet to print and major broadcasting media. Everyone has an opinion, and there are bound to be topics you support and care deeply about that are not necessarily popular in your community or country. If you want to express your opinion without guilt or fear of retaliation, do you risk choosing a local web host who doesn’t look at your personal security with the highest possible regard, or do you opt for an offshore, more secure bulletproof hosting provider as a way to maintain secrecy while further enhancing the cause you believe in?

But, it’s important to remember that there are some mild risks to using a bulletproof service.

1. BHPS are utilized by spammers, hackers, and dealers in illegal activities. Using a bulletproof provider alongside these individuals might hinder your company’s reputation if this fact ever came to surface. Is the risk worth it?

2. If your bulletproof host happens to randomly shut down, you would naturally want your data back, but this would prove to be incredibly difficult since the servers are harbored in foreign countries. It would take time and significant resources to track down the servers retrieve your data.

So, you want to your information to be as bulletproof as possible? It all starts with choosing the right host. Choosing the right bulletproof hosting providers is imperative to the security of your data. So, we went out and found the top seven bulletproof hosting providers who currently reside on the clear web.

Nr. 6 –

About : has been in business since 2008 when it registered its company in Ukraine. In 2012 was acquired by Hosting Solutions LTD, a company registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica. All servers are located in Ukraine, with the exception of their Netherlands data center, and the content allowed under their servers cannot violate Dominican law. They do not allow mass spamming, malware, cyber bullying or underage pornography.

Bulletproof Hosting:
While their shared hosting features are nothing special, they come at incredibly low monthly prices. The allowed HDD monthly disk space is 100MB, 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, and 10GB for a price of $1.50, $2.00, $4.00, $8.00 and $25.00 per month.’s VPS plans also use HDD servers and allow between 10GB to 150GB for a cost of $5 to $70 per month.

Final Remarks: doesn’t offer too many features or use the latest hardware, but they care about privacy, accept Bitcoin and are a solid bulletproof hosting option for European users.


Nr. 5 –

About was established in 2008 with office and server locations in Binh Thanh, Thailand. They maintain their own servers and have a customer support staff fluent in Vietnamese, Chinese and English. VinaHost’s terms of service is purposefully vague as far as the type of content they allow stored on their servers, only saying “You are not allowed to use the services of VinaHost to perform any illegal acts under the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and international regulations applicable in Vietnam.”

Bulletproof Hosting:

VinaHost’s shared hosting plans are pretty cheap and comes with an array of plan options ranging in price from $2.00 to $28.00. But for the purposes of bulletproofing yourself and your website, you’re going to want to check out their SSD VPS or dedicated server plans, where everything is stored inside their Tier 3 data center.

Their VPS monthly plan prices are as follows: $11.00, $18.00, $34.00, and $55.00. The allowed storage space is efficient, ranging from 20GB to 90GB, but their RAM isn’t too impressive, starting 512MB RAM and moving up to only 4GB RAM for the largest plan.

VinaHost’s dedicated server plans start at $150.00 per month for 4GB DDR3 RAM and 500GB of memory. The highest price dedicated server costs $250.00 per month for 8GB DDR3 RAM and 1,000GB of memory. The dedicated servers don’t come with DDOS protection, but if you need bulletproof hosting for a smaller setup, go with one of VinaHost’s VPS plans.

Final Remarks:
Unfortunately, VinaHost does not accept Bitcoin. And the only truly anonymous way to make payment would be through direct mail, which isn’t exactly the safest way to stay anonymous. But overall, VinaHost would be a safe bulletproof option for residents of Asia.


Nr. 4 –


About, standing for “bulletproof web,” offers private servers, VPS and domain registrations. can confidently use the word ‘bulletproof’ throughout their website since their business is registered in the offshore zone of the Seychelles Islands, which is composed of 115 islands and is just off the East African coast within the Indian Ocean. They’ve been established since 2009, protect their clients information to the fullest extent, and only utilize trustworthy servers in some parts of the EU, Ukraine, Russia and China. Just know that its users are restricted from using their services for spamming, promoting violence, supporting terrorism and showing any form of underage nudity.

Bulletproof Hosting:
Their bulletproof VPS and dedicated server plans are a little complicated. Instead of having a list of preset plans to choose from, you get to customize the plan to your liking, with additional memory storage, processor upgrades, backup storage etc. costing extra.’s VPS plans for their Netherlands and Ukraine servers begin at $90 a month, which includes a 1 core Intel Xeon E3 1230 processor, over 1GB of memory, 50GB of disk storage, unlimited bandwidth and a single dedicated IP address. Panels, backups storage, a larger number of dedicated IP’s and better administration features will come at additional charges. Their Russian-based VPS plans cost $10 less.

You get more location options with’s dedicated server plans. Choose from server locations in Netherlands, Sweden, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia. For the most bulletproof-friendly locations, go with the servers in Moldova, Ukraine or Russia. Prices start at $180 per month.

Final Remarks:
If you’re looking for dedicated bulletproof servers that won’t shut you down within the first week and offer plenty of additional features, is a great choice. Even though they claim to not allow certain materials on their servers, their terms and conditions is loosely worded. They accept Bitcoin and have satisfied customer reviews to backup their claims of being a bulletproof hosting provider.

Visit BPW.SC

Nr. 3 –

About was formed in 2011 and is based in the Republic of Moldova. They offer shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server plans. They maintain their own private servers inside a data center located within a former bomb-shelter that goes over 5 meters below the ground. Their data center is impressive, coming equipped with independent electric power supply inputs, an independent telecommunications provider and physically protected by two separate security agencies 24/7. Whatever your intentions are for needing a bulletproof hosting provider, ensures your data is secured to the fullest extent.

Bulletproof Hosting:
AlexHost’s SSD shared hosting plans are definitely cost-effective, but each plan is billed annually. There are no monthly payment options. The SSD hosting plan prices are 10€ ($11.20), 30€ ($33.50), 79€ ($88.00), and 118€ ($131.85) per year. The Basic plan allows two sites, 1GB disk space and unlimited traffic and email. The Advanced plan (30€) is also a great value buy for the smaller user, allowing 20 websites and 5GB disk space. The other two plans, the Expert and Super plans, allow unlimited websites with 10GB and 20GB of disk storage, respectively.

The savings that come with AlexHost’s VPS plans are no different. Prices stay within the same range, but follow a monthly billing cycle. Their VPS plans cost 10€ ($11.20), 25€ ($27.95), 35€ ($39.15), 50€ ($55.89) and 70€ ($78.25) per month, with long-term savings options for longer billing cycles. The allowed memory ranges from 500MB to 6GB, with SSD disk space ranging between 10GB to 100GB.

Final Remarks:
Because is based in Moldova, the connection speed may not be the best for some users, but their state of the art hardware, combined with their centralized focus on security and anonymity makes AlexHost an excellent candidate for your next bulletproof web hosting project, no matter the size.


Nr. 2 –


About is a reliable bulletproof hosting provider that opened its doors in 2017. Their server locations are hidden, which is part of why they are considered one of the best bulletproof hosting providers. For a bulletproof service, they are very affordable, and pretty much allow hosting everything that isn’t considered detrimental to their network.

Bulletproof hosting:
Their bulletproof web hosting plan starts from $9/month. Called BP1, it comes with cPanel and Softaculous by default. This allows you install applications with 0ne click. While this may sound expensive, you can get some good specs with it. For starters, you get a dedicated IP, and that applies for all of their plans. Furthermore, you get 1 Core Speed, 1GB RAM, 100GB Bandwidth, 10GB disk space, 10 subdomains, 10 addon domains, and 10 databases. This is more than enough for any type website startup you’re beginning.

Final remarks:
You can count on the stability that Given their infrastructure, network uptime, and fair prices, you can count on the fact that they will stay in business for a long time.


Nr. 1 –

About started in 2014 from the Netherlands. It currently sells dedicated servers from 2 datacenters: Dronten and Amsterdam. Elkupi has several qualities that distinguish them greatly from other bulletproof hosts. They are affordable, offer customer support via Livechat, and have a 30-day money back guarantee. In addition, they prioritize in offering full data privacy, and maximum security. They are also very lenient in what they allow on their servers.

Bulletproof Hosting: offers affordable bulletproof shared hosting with a starting price of €4.99 ($5.47)/month. You can pay monthly, and request a refund within a 30-day time frame. For this price you get 35GB Bandwidth, 5GB Disk Space, 1 MySQL Database, 1 sub-domain, and 1 email. Their bulletproof VPS’s start at €24.95 ($27.35)/month. With this, you get 1GB RAM, Xeon 1 core 2.60Ghz, and 15GB SSD (RAID 10). Their fully bulletproof dedicated servers start from €150 ($164.45)/month and come with full root access and IPMI.

Final Remarks:
Because of Elkupi is located in the center of Europe, and is using Dutch datacenters, their connection speed is very fast, whether you’re from Europe or United States.