Best Bulletproof Servers

Best Bulletproof Server Providers

Bulletproof servers are costly dedicated servers that come with immunity provided by a hosting provider. The name ‘bulletproof’ implies that under no circumstances will the server cease from working, not even by bullets, so to speak. It is protected from any kind third-party intervention that disagrees with the content/operations that are hosted on the server. If a hosting provider offers bulletproof dedicated servers, it ensures the client that it will stay online, regardless of the pressure posed upon the host.

This risk placed upon the host as well as the extra security measures taken are what make bulletproof servers 2 a 3 times more expensive than regular servers.

So who needs bulletproof servers?

Although the bulletproof niche has a negative connotation with many people, since it attracts hackers, phishers, and sellers of illegal products, it does not specifically target these clients.

You can say that WikiLeaks is run on bulletproof servers, as well as big torrent websites.

Bulletproof dedicated servers are thus for people that are looking for data protection, freedom of speech, and identity privacy.

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If you wish to familiarize yourself more in depth about bulletproof hosting, and what it actually means, please visit our other list on bulletproof hosting that talks about it more in depth.

We’ve made a list of the best bulletproof server solutions you can find on the Internet. Make sure to contact these bulletproof hosts first to discuss your plans and requirements before you purchase from them.

Nr. 10 –

HostBP, or Hostbpinc, started back in 2014. Further little is known about them. This is not uncommon for bulletproof hosting providers. In fact, it is advised. Their website is not very user-friendly and not many people know about them. They do offer a wide variety of bulletproof hosting services, including dedicated servers, which is:

CPU (2 core)
1 dedicated IP
100Mbit Tier-1 Bandwidth
2.1 TB traffic

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While you get decent, it is overpriced, which explains their lack of popularity over the last few years.

Nr. 9 – is a bulletproof hosting provider since 2009. They offer VPS’s and dedicated servers only. This is what you get for $249.00/month:

E3-1240v2 (4 x 3.5Ghz)
Unmetered bandwidth
Free Windows 2008
1Gbps port

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How much Mbps you get is unknown, but it’s very likely that you get between 50Mbps – 100Mbps. What differentiates this dedicated server from other bulletproof servers is that you get free Windows 2008.

Nr. 8 –

Outlawservers was established in May, 2016. It is thus a very new bulletproof server provider, and many people interested in the bulletproof niche do not know about them. They do not have a contact or an about page, so little is know about them. What we do know are their server configurations. Here is their cheapest option:

150GB Disk Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
1 IP address
Windows & Linux

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It is unclear what kind of bandwidth and traffic they offer, since unmetered is inaccurate. There is definitely a cap on bandwidth (either 100Mbps guaranteed or less). You can call them (+440 756 845) or email them ([email protected]).

Nr. 7 –

As the name already implies, SenukeXCrHosting offers bulletproof servers that are compatible with SEO tools such as Senuke XCr, among others. They mention themselves that these bulletproof servers are specifically designed for SEO tools, so whether it is truly bulletproof is questionable. Regardless, this is what you can get:

Intel i5-3470 Series
4 Cores x 3.40 Ghz
4 threads HT
24GB Ram
1TB Sata
Unlimited Bandwidth
100MBit Port

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These servers are located in Russia by the way. Great for SEO. Not much else.

Nr. 6 – BPW.SC


What can we say about PBW other than their unusually explicit website? They started in 2009 and registered their bulletproof hosting business in the Seychelles Islands. They offer solutions in the Netherlands, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, and Sweden. Their servers are fully customizable. Let’s look at one of their Dutch servers:

– Intel Xeon E3-1230
1TB Disk Space
1 Dedicated IP

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It’s great that you can customize almost everything with their dedicated servers, which means they run their own servers. But the prices are a bit on the high side. For example, they offer cPanel for $70/month while you can get it for half the price from a registered cPanel license seller.

Nr. 5 – 2×

2× is a Russian bulletproof hosting provider that has been in business since 2004. Their website is in Russian, but luckily they also have an English translation. You can find the English version in the sidebar under ‘English Menu’. This is what you get for a bulletproof dedicated server:

– Xeon E3-1230
1 x 1 TB SATA
1Gb/s bandwidth
15TB traffic

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Russian servers tend to provide a lot of bandwidth. In this case you get 1GB/s, which is much more than the average. The downside is that there is a 15TB cap. If you were to use around 40Mbps, it would total to around 15TB per month.

Nr. 4 –

AbuseHosting is also a Russian-based bulletproof hosting provider. They have been operating since 2012. They offer bulletproof dedicated servers in Luxemburg, Switzerland, Iran, Netherlands, and Ukraine. Their Dutch E3 server comes with:

E3-1220v2 processor (4 core)
500GB Disk space
Unlimited traffic
– Root access

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An additional dedicated IP with the dedicated server costs $5.00/month. Their Dutch dedicated servers ignore all abuses except by BREIN. They all adult content, online casino, among other activities that are often disallowed on normal hosting.

Nr. 3 –

Dmca ignored hosting Underhost

UnderHost was established in 2007 and has since expanded to 9 locations: Netherlands, Lithuania, Romania, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong. While they officially label themselves as an offshore hosting provider, they also have bulletproof dedicated servers. This is what you can get:

– Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 CPU
8GB DDR3 RAM (upgradable)
1000GB SATA2 HDD (upgradable)
30TB/month (30TB)
1Gbps Uplink

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While you are promised to get 1Gbps, you can only you slightly less than 100Mbps given that there is a limit of 30TB per month. As for the rest, the price looks fair for the specs that you get.

Nr. 2 –

BulletproofHosting is a bulletproof hosting provider with an established reputation. They have a reasonable list of dedicated servers, which are delivered within 24-48 hours depending on the configuration. They guarantee an uptime of 99,99% over a year period.

Intel Xeon E3-1220V3 (4 core)
2 x 1 TB SATA
Unmetered traffic /100Mbps

Their bulletproof dedicated servers are a great solution for those who want power for a good price.

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Nr. 1 –

ElKupi is a Dutch bulletproof hosting provider that started back in 2013. All of their hosting packages are bulletproof, which includes hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, and domains. They’re well known for providing an excellent service, which is very rare in the bulletproof niche. Also their prices are very affordable.

E3-1220V3 processor
2 x 2TB SATA
€160.00/month ($178.24)

For that price, you get a lot of disk space. ElKupi also offers full root access and IPMI.

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This was a list of the best bulletproof server solutions.