Best DMCA ignored hosting providers

Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers

If you are like me, you receive DMCA takedown notices on a regular basis. Some copyright firm writes you a formal letter and demands you to take down specific pages on your website. Sometimes they even demand you take down your entire website. Why you? Because you are showing content that is copyrighted by someone else, and that is a violation.

Some website owners become fearful and comply with these automatic emails. Yes, you read that right. Automatic. More than 99% of all the DMCA notices are send by a robot, and even when you reply to that bot, it won’t reply. So on top of that, it’s a dumb bot as well.

The truth is that the copyright war is so vast that they send out hundreds of thousands emails a day. They only unleash their big dogs (lawyers, police, you name it) if you are huge business that is profiting big money off of copyrighted material. Think PirateBay and Kickass torrents.

There are two things you should know about DMCA when it comes to hosting your website with the right hosting provider:

1) DMCA is an American copyright law.
2) Offshore hosting providers do not have to comply with DMCA, but most of them do.

The best countries to host in if you want your DMCA to be ignored are: Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Iceland.

CAUTION: Not all hosting providers from these locations ignore DMCA. In fact, most of them don’t. Read their Terms of Services or contact them about ignoring DMCA first.

Russia and Asia also ignore DMCA, but you don’t want to be hosted there. Frequent downtime and slow internet speed to Europe and America will get you nowhere.

Just for you, so that you don’t have to, I’ve chosen the best DMCA ignored hosting providers. They also all allow adult hosting.

Nr. 8 –

Dmca ignored hosting Flokinet

About FlokiNET:
FlokiNET is an Icelandic hosting provider established in 2012 that supports “freedom of speech, free press and whistleblower projects.” Iceland is known for their liberal stance, having boldly disagreed with America on a number of occassions, such as with Bobby Fischer and Edward Snowden. FlokiNET guarantees that it does not share any date with third parties. It comes as no surprise that FlokiNET also ignores DMCA.

Hosting packages:
Their shared hosting plans are located in Iceland, Finland, and Romania. Like Iceland, Romania and Finland are also known for their liberal views.
Their Finnish and Romanian shared hosting packages start from €2.99, which is roughly 3.50 US dollars. Their Icelandic shared hosting package starts from €3.50. Their VPS’s start from €10.00.

Final remarks:
They have friendly LiveChat on their website, which is a huge plus. Their website is a bit old and outdated.


Nr. 7 –

Dmca ignored hosting CCIhosting

About CCIHosting:, established in 2002, is a leading hosting provider in the offshore hosting niche. Situated in Panama, now famously known for its Panama Papers scandal, and the 0% tax haven, it comes as no surprise that having Panama hosting has its perks.

Firstly, only answers to Panamanian law. Any copyright infringement notices from the great United States of America (DMCA) will thus be ignored.
Secondly, they have a fast connection to the US for all of those that receive the majority of their traffic from the US.

Hosting packages:
Their cPanel hosting starts from $6.00/month. You might think this is a lot, but this is a normal price for a Panama-based offshore hosting provider. Their VPS’s start from $15.00/month.

Final remarks:
It’s rare to find a Panamian hosting provider, since there are only 5 datacenters in Panama. Something about the Panamanian history that scares investors.


Nr. 6 –

Dmca ignored hosting Underhost

About Underhost: – just by their name you can sense that they are “underground”. Not literally, but they allow content that is considered underground. Established in 2007, they have expanded to 9 locations: Netherlands, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America, Singapore, and Hong Kong. They officially brand themselves as ‘offshore hosting’ and ‘warez hosting’, which means that they ignore DMCA.

Hosting packages:
Their offshore hosting packages start at $5.00/month, which comes with cPanel and Softaculous. Their offshore VPS packages start from $59.95/month. The VPS is certainly a bit overpriced if you ask me.

Last remarks:
They have a 14-day money back gaurantee, which means you are entitled to a refund in case you don’t like their services. They also backup all of their client’s data, ensuring that you won’t lose your data even though you forgot to make that important backup.


Nr. 5 –

DMCA ignored hosting HideMyhost

About Hidemyhost:
Another name that immediately makes sense – With no about page, this hosting provider is as anonymous as the anonimity they offer to their clients.
Their anonimity service is questionable considering that you have to fill out all your personal details when you place an order. They also accept PayPal, which is not anonymous last time I checked.

Regardless, this entry is about DMCA ignored hosting providers, and is one of them.

Hosting packages:
Their shared hosting prices are low, starting at €1.99/month. This gets you 5 addon domains. Their VPS’s, virtualized with OpenVZ (not great), start from €5.99/month. To have cPanel, it costs an additional €17.95/month.

Last remarks:
Where the hell are they located? Oh, well. Ask them for an IP and find out for yourself.


Nr. 4 –

Dmca ignored hosting Blueangelhost

About BlueAngelHost:
BlueAngelHost is another leading offshore host. With their confusing website, it becomes very clear that they ignore DMCA. Their specialization is DDoS protection, which is not uncommon for DMCA-fueled content. Great for those who require that combination.

Hosting packages:
Their cPanel shared hosting packages start from $3.75/month and this gets you 1 hosted domain and unlimited bandwidth. Their VPS plans start from $8.00/month, which is OpenVZ virtualized.

Last remarks:
They have phone support, which is rare for the offshore, DMCA-ignore niche. Combined with their low hosting prices, BlueAngelHost reserves the nr. 4 spot on this list.


Nr. 3 –

DMCA ignored warez-host

About Warez-host:
Founded in 2007, Warez-host, as its name already implies, specializes in hosting warez content. Warez is another word for content that receives copyright infringement notices. Hosting with them, you will have the guarantee that none of your websites will be suspended because of DMCA. You are immune, as they like to call it. Their servers are located in the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Hosting packages:
Their shared hosting plans are billed only yearly. Their smallest shared hosting starts from $40.00/year. Their smallest VPS plan starts from $17.00/month.

Last remarks:
Not the cheapest option out there, but it does give you a guarantee of immunity. They also have livechat and phone support, which is a plus in case something happens to your website(s).


Nr. 2 –

Dmca ignored Alibabahost

About Alibabahost:
Not to be confused with Alibabahost is located in the United States. They have servers in the Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland, and Sweden. You’d think they’re playing with fire given their office location in the US while being a DMCA-ignore hosting. But they have been active since 2008, which makes me believe that they know what they are doing.

Hosting packages:
Their shared hosting packages start from $3.99/month and their KVM SSD VPS plans start from $13.00/month. Ideal pricing.

Last remarks:
They frequently run promotions with huge discounts. Contact them for a discount or do a search hunt on the Internet.


Nr. 1 –

Offshore host

About AbeloHost: is an offshore hosting provider operating  from the Netherlands. They are one of THE most popular offshore providers on the Internet. They have several data centers locations in the Netherlands and run their own private servers. They do everything that is expected of a high quality hosting provider, with the perks of it being offshore.

Hosting packages:
Their cheapest shared hosting plan comes at just 1.00/month and you can add unlimited domains on it. They have also have an upgraded SSD shared Pro package, which starts at €3.99. Their KVM VPS’s start from €9.99/month.

Last remarks:
They started in 2013, but already dominate the offshore niche in popularity.


Hereby, I conclude the list of the best 8 DMCA ignored hosting providers on the Net.